1. How to get your tickets?

When does ticket sales start?

Ticket sales start on 12th of April 2023 and will continue to the beginning of the 2023 European Games, or when the tickets are sold out.

Do I need to create a user account to purchase tickets?

Yes, you need to create an account in the ticketing system to purchase tickets online.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available online at www.european-games.org, and at ticket offices at sports venues on the day of each event. Due to the high interest in many disciplines, we recommend purchasing through online sales. This will prevent possible waiting in line at the box office. If tickets are sold out, ticket offices will be closed.

How will I get my tickets?

Depending on the type of tickets purchased:

  • they will be sent by an email in digital form, or you will be able to upload them to your smartphone (e-wallet)
  • you will receive courier delivery if you choose collector tickets

Note: Both digital and collector's tickets will be shipped several weeks before the start of the 2023 European Games. Tickets are not shipped immediately after purchase!

My collector's ticket has not arrived. What should I do?

If you don't get information from the courier service about your ticket shipment, and the start of the Games is near, contact us, and we will check what happened to your shipment.

Which tickets can I buy at the start of the sale?

Tickets for most of the events will be on sale from the start. Later, tickets for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2023 European Games will be available, as well as tickets for selected disciplines, for which the stands in the venues are being created (Athletics, Cycling BMX Freestyle, Beach Soccer, Beach Handball, Sport Climbing and Shooting). We encourage you to regularly visit the website www.european-games.org, and our social media platforms, where we will inform you about the availability of tickets for each discipline.

Are all events ticketed?

Most events at the 2023 European Games are ticketed. There are also events with free entrance (Padel, Teqball, Muaythai, Kickboxing and first 3 days of Athletics). We will inform about them on the website (www.european-games.org) and social media channels. You are also welcomed to attend all of the side events.

Am I allowed to resell the purchased tickets?

No, European Games 2023 organisers do not agree to resell tickets in any form. Getting tickets for reselling for a profit, and any form of sale at a profit, are illegal and against the law under Article 133 of the Act of May 20, 1971, of the Petty Offence Code (i.e., Journal of Laws of 2021, item 281, as amended).

Are tickets purchased from other platforms valid?

Tickets for European Games 2023 should be purchased from the official sales channels, i.e. www.european-games.org, or at ticket offices on the days of the sporting events. Ticketing platforms are not authorized ticket sellers and may not offer valid tickets. Tickets purchased on such platforms may be blocked, prove to be invalid, and entrance to venues blocked without the possibility of complaint with EG 2023 organisers.

2. Tickets types and prices

What are the ticket types?

There are two types of tickets on sale for European Games 2023. The first are digital tickets, which will be sent by an email provided at registration, or there will be an option to upload them to digital wallets on smartphones.

The second type is collector's tickets. These will be tickets printed on special paper with multiple enhancements and numbering. They will be sent by courier service.

Note: Digital and collector's tickets will be delivered a few weeks before the start of 2023 European Games. They are not shipped immediately after purchase!

How much does tickets for EG2023 cost?

The price list of tickets can be seen next to each discipline. Prices vary depending on the sport and the phase of the games (e.g., qualification, group play, semifinals and finals). They will also vary according to the selected seat in the stands. The cheapest tickets will be available from PLN 20 (regular) and PLN 10 (reduction price).

We anticipate discounts for group tickets and for early registration, as well as packages covering several disciplines. We will be announcing them on our website (www.european-games.org) and social media channels.

What are the ticket categories?

Tickets are available for sale in several categories. At a particular venue and depending on the discipline, there will be different price categories such as Premium, 1 and 2. Tickets are on sale for sectors with seats for wheelchair users (packages with a seat for a caregiver) and for "Easy Access" sectors for people with disabilities who do not use wheelchairs, such as close to entrances, stairs or with minimal distance to walk.

What are collector tickets and why they are so attractive and worth buying?

For EG 2023, we have prepared special collector tickets for the most demanding sports fans. These will be tickets printed on high-quality paper, varnished, with multiple enhancements and numbering. A different, attractive graphic design will be created for each discipline. They will be a unique souvenir for every fan, and especially for ticket collectors.

The cost of Collector Ticket is 10 pln (additional payment to every ticket). You buy Collector Tickets during the purchase process after choosing the seats before payment. On the Collector Tickets website please check this option (+ 10 pln to every ticket) and proceed.

Collector tickets will be sent by courier service at home and abroad.

What is the calendar of all disciplines?

The calendar of disciplines is available here.

You can see the dates of each event next to each discipline when purchasing tickets.

What other products do you offer and where can I buy them?

When placing an order in the ticketing system, the only possible add-on is the option of collector tickets. All other purchases, such as souvenirs, should be made in a separate purchasing system. We will provide information about the possibility of purchasing EG 2023 souvenirs on our website (www.european-games.org) and social media channels.

Who is allowed to buy tickets?

Tickets sold for EG 2023 are available to all fans from Poland and abroad. The ticketing system supports every user, and everyone has the same opportunity to purchase tickets.

Restrictions occur in the case of Beach Soccer, where so-called "stadium bans" are checked during purchase and a person on such a list cannot purchase a ticket for events of that sport.

In addition, the eligibility to purchase tickets for seats for people with disabilities is also checked so that they go to those who are eligible.

Who is allowed to get reduced tickets?

Reduced tickets are available for children and youth up to the age of 18, students up to 26 years of age, pensioners, seniors over 65 years of age, war veterans, soldiers, Fire Fighters of the State Fire Service and Volunteer Fire Department, officers of the Border Guard, Police, Customs Service, Meritorious Transplant Donors, and Meritorious Blood Donors. Discounted tickets are also available to people with disabilities who do not purchase tickets in packages (EASY ACCESS or wheelchair space). There are no reduced price tickets for Athletics.

Are there tickets for people with a disabilities (using wheelchair and in need for an Easy Acces sectors)?

Yes, tickets are on sale for sectors with seats for wheelchair users (packages with a seat for a caregiver) and Easy Access sectors for people with disabilities without wheelchairs, but with easier access, e.g. close to entrances, stairs, with minimal distance to walk.

We have prepared these places in most facilities. In the case of an object where it is not possible to prepare such places-for example, on Parkowa Mountain in Krynica-Zdroj-this type of tickets will not be on sale.

In addition, all people with disabilities who do not require the assistance of a guardian are also guaranteed the opportunity to purchase discounted tickets.

To buy such tickets, select the chat window on the ticket page and write to the system operator information with your e-mail address and specific information about the competition discipline, date and time and please attach a certificate of disability.

Which information are needed to purchase a ticket?

When purchasing tickets for EG 2023, we do not require personal information of each fan. The exception is beach soccer where, according to the law, we require personal data of each supporter (in the case of people of Polish nationality, first name, last name and PESEL, in the case of people of other nationalities, first name, last name and document number, such as passport).

If you choose the option of collector tickets with courier delivery, you will need contact information for the delivery of these tickets (to the recipient's address or to pickup point systems and collection points).

Do all children need tickets?

Yes. According the decision of the organiser, everyone attending an event has to purchased a ticket.

The only Sport Venue where the organizer grants free admission for children under 6 is the Silesian Stadium, where Athletics competition will be held. The condition for the participation of a child is to take a seat on the seat with parent or guardian.

How to apply a promo code?

When you have a promo code to apply to your tickets, the procces to use it is very simple. You just have to go on the website to buy your tickets, click on the discipline you want to see, click on the competition phase and session you want to attend and when you are about to choose your seats in the seating plan, you can find in the top right corner of the interactive map a box saying Enter Promotional code. Just click there, insert your promo code, select your seats and your discound will be applied. Be sure that your discount is applied in the ticket box.

How can I add my ticket to smartphone wallet?

To bring your tickets in the passbook. You will have to open the mail containing you tickets in your smartphone and click on the bottom add to passbook. In IOS devices you can add them directly to wallet and in Android device it will open in the respective passwallet app downloaded on the device.

How to get a group discount?

To get a 10% discount for one session (except season passes) you have to choose more than 10 tickets in the seating plan, and make sure you select the option of “Group ticket – 10%” in the "Ticket type" dropdown. For general admission events (events without seat assignment), directly choose the amount of tickets you desire with group discount it in the “Group ticket – 10%” dropdown.

Note: This discount only applies when you choose from 10 to 20 tickets. 

How to buy a Multipass?

To buy a multipass (ticket-pass valid for different disciplines), the process is as follows: Click on the Multipass item in the home page (you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page), then select which city you want your Multipass for and choose your preferred proposition offered in the city you chose. After selecting the proposition you like the most, you must choose 3 different tickets (competition phases) from the listed events in order to get your 15% discount.

Note: The discount only applies when choosing as many phases as sports offered (available only propositions with 2 or 3 sports). This promotion applies to regular and reduced tickets. The promotion does not include season pass and specific medals events.

3. Information about the venues

What does the "standing room" mean?

Some venues provide only standing sectors without seating, for example cycling BMX freestyle, sport climbing, or ski jumping. With this kind of ticket, take an available standing room. In order to take a seat closer to the playing field, we recommend arriving early to the event.

What does the "free seating" mean?

Some facilities provide seating sectors without seat numbering. Then occupy the seating depending on availability. In order to take a seat together with friends or closer to the playing field, we recommend arriving early to the event. For sectors without seat numbering, side-by-side seating is not guaranteed.

When should I get to the venue?

Depending on the event, fans are allowed into the venue an hour or two before the start of the competition or training series (for example in ski jumping). This will be stated on the ticket each time.

We recommend arriving early for each event to avoid queues at entrances and other inconveniences resulting from late arrival at the event.

What time does door close?

For EG 2023 sporting events, fans can get into the venue until the end of the event.

Can I leave and re-enter the event?

In the case of sporting events and EG2023 opening and closing ceremonies, leaving the facility means not being able to re-enter the event. The organisers provide for this possibility only in the case of selected sporting events e.g., those lasting a long time (all-day), and will inform fans of this in each case, as well as apply a wristband procedure for the efficient handling of re-entry into the facility. At the same time, it is forbidden to give these wristbands to people without a ticket for the event.

Can I stay at the venue for entire day with my ticket?

Only if the event described on the ticket is a full-day event. Then the ticket entitles you to stay at the sports facility for the entire duration of the competition, or during breaks or at medal ceremonies. Each time there will be information about this at the respective facility, with ticket staff and volunteers.

For sporting events divided into ticketed sessions separately, leave the facility after each session. For the next event on a given day, different tickets apply. If you have a pass for a particular sport, you also need to leave the sports stands, among other things, so that the staff can prepare the facility.

What do I need for the access control?

Please have your ticket ready to scan. In the case of registered tickets, you must have an identity document. You should also be prepared for the security check, which is done, among other things, to make sure that prohibited items are not brought in.

Where is the box office and ticket information point?

There will be an information desk and ticket office at each sports facility. They are shown on a map of the facility, and you can also learn about the location from staff, stewards and volunteers. The ticket offices may be closed if tickets for the events are sold out.

Will there be any COVID-19 restrictions or limitations?

According to current information, the organisers of EG 2023 do not plan audience restrictions or other limitations due to COVID-19.

Will there be catering outlets available during the events?

Yes, catering outlets will be prepared at or near each venue, and commercial zones at many sports venues, to enhance your visit to EG 2023 events.

If the zone will be outside the venue, the organisers will allow fans to move between the commercial zone and the stands. If you have any questions about the location of the zones or bathrooms, please contact event staff, stewards or volunteers.

Can I bring a pram with me on-site?

Prams are not permitted in ticketed areas, any venues outdoors or indoors.

4. Policies

Can I return tickets?

In accordance with the rules and regulations, there will be no return of tickets. Please make your purchases thoughtfully.

Ticket refunds will be possible only in case of legitimate reasons such as postponement of the competition, cancellation of the competition, change of venue, etc. We will inform fans about this each time.

Can I change the selected seats or price category after purchasing the ticket?

It is not possible to change seats or ticket categories after the transaction is completed. Please purchase thoughtfully so as to select the right event seats for you. If you have any doubts before purchasing, please feel free to contact us.

I lost my ticket, what should I do?

If a ticket is lost, a new ticket can be printed for the ordering owner. The reprint is made at the ticket service point after checking the details of the ordering account holder according to the organiser's procedure. It is not possible to reprint a lost ticket purchased at the ticket office.

The organisers do not guarantee entry to the venue if you lose your ticket and re-print the ticket at the service desk. We recommend that you take care of your tickets so that they do not fall into the wrong hands, do not share them e.g. on social media with a barcode showing or any other form of sharing. A ticket once used does not allow you to use it again and enter the event in question.

Can I take photos, videos or make audio recordings of the event?

Yes, you can take photos or videos with, for example, a smartphone for private use, for sharing emotions on social media we strongly encourage this. Our slogan is 'Create emotions' and we want to share emotions with everyone. At the same time, it is forbidden without permission to professionally record or take photographs during EG 2023 events, as well as any broadcasting of 'live' events and similar forms of publication of a professional and profit-making nature.


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